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More to our elderly in need, less to those who use social security to gas up their Bugatti, and no FICA taxation of low wages.

Below, you’ll find the Reasoning & Rationale to what we call a Bill-Request. Once certain milestones are met, as defined HERE, lawyers will be called upon to draft what will then become a Bill-Demand to Congress and the President.

Published in 2015

A design to better Social Security and amputate Wall Street’s extending tentacles maneuvering toward Social Security. A template to tell surrogates and politicians alike, from both sides of the aisle, that Social Security – at a time when 75% of our elderly count on Social Security for most if not all of their income – needs to be enhanced for them, not cut, with cuts targeted only at those who use Social Security to gas up their Bugatti.

Contrary to the cacophony of voices claiming solvency to be an issue that’ll someday plague Social Security, rest assured that entitlements to our elderly face no federal financing issue under the upcoming leadership of the Economic Party. Reason’s simple… the Economic Party‘s blueprint for its Treasury and its plan to dramatically augment the receipts of the Treasury, currently funded by a tax base that — on a pie chart — is merely a sliver of a vastly expanded tax reservoir waiting to be harvested.


  • Ex-Presidents and ex officials are raking in ghastly sums of money these days for as little as a 50-minute speech to companies/industries/countries looking for federal favor — $700,000 in the case of one specific (poor) country, paid to an ex President of ours, $450,000 in the case of one specific industry, paid to an ex Secretary of State of ours, who the industry is betting will end up President next, and $400,000 in the case of one specific company, paid to an ex Fed Chairman of ours who bailed out Wall Street, who had the audacity to claim he was actually bailing out Main Street.
  • Revolving doors have turned our so-called public $ervants into multimillionaires. Some who’ve become millionaires, will probably end up centi-millionaires.
  • There are Members of Congress, with net worths in the six figures when they first got into office, who are now worth tens of millions of dollars, because of the timely real estate (and other) investments their spouses or other relatives made, knowing where federal dollars were headed and when.
  • And yet we find Washington DC trying to cut the $1,230 a month that our seniors depend on for their most basic human needs!!!

This is classic Robbin’ the Hood: leave the multi-Trillion-dollar causal agents of the financial crisis alone, let bankers and their most destructive instruments be, keep every tax break and subsidy and handout that Wall Street receives intact, and find multi-Billion-dollar “adjustments” (read: cuts) to the things Main Street gets instead, to “spread the wealth around” – the way Barack told Joe the Plumber – except, spread it upward!

Oh, and while we’re at it, venting our Main Street anger on this matter, let us also ask: Why are working stiffs, who barely get by as it is, being forced to pay into FICA? Why is someone, who counts coins cashing in his or her paycheck, being hit-up for 6.2 percent, when Archibald Moneybags, running the Archie Moneybags Hedge Fund and earning a Billion bucks a year doing it, gets to pay only 0.0007347 percent?

Since the Great Recession began in late 2007, all FICA’s done is creep up on Main Street’s maximum taxable income chain for Social Security — from $97,500 in 2007 to 118,500 as of this writing. Instead, what FICA should’ve done is bag more money for Social Security from Archie.

In conclusion to this portion of the discussion, here’s what we wrote under the long description of our Anti-Corruption bill-request, found HERE:

Pretty much every working American, no matter their financial well-being or struggle, experienced a tax increase starting 2013 with the payroll tax hike, equal to about a thousand bucks more taken away from a household earning a median income of about $52,000 a year. (The fact that this tax break, for mostly the poor and the middle class, was allowed to lapse only after President Obama’s re-election, was no accident.) Despite a $125 billion payroll tax hike hitting up everyone in the middle class and poor — yes, that includes those of you on a minimum hourly wage, as well — it’s important you know that there were $60-some billion in tax breaks for the usual suspects in 2013 alone, including:

(i) breaks for offshore loans (hooray for banks);

(ii) breaks for Liberty Zone bonds that helped bankroll luxury high-rises in lower Manhattan, including Goldman Sachs’ spanking new 200 West Street global headquarters;

(iii) breaks for the politicians’ perennial buddies: the hedge fund and private equity bigwigs, who’ll get to make a hundred million bucks or a billion bucks in a year at a discounted tax rate, while all the suckers they see around them, making little money, pay almost twice that, because those itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny people, making small dough, can’t buy the politician the way the big dough-makers can.

Voters, everywhere: Let us see to it that shenanigans, like these, never happen again, please.

You’ve just read the short description to the Reasoning & Rationale for this Bill-Request. If that’s enough for you to vote in support of it, please do. If there’s more you’d like to have to make up your mind, then you’ll find the long description HERE.

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