Sunken Depths

The depths to which our Presidents have sunk. And to hoping — no, demanding — they never sink that low again.

The following is as much a Bill-Request, as it is a statement of moral outrage. It was published Jan 2016 with the express permission of the Economic Party.

Also, since the following about Saudi Arabia was published, a new ruler has taken effective control of the Saudi government, that new ruler being Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, colloquially referred to as MBS.

Thus far, as of May 15 2018, his ascension to power has been accompanied by a few positive signs of change — meaning, improvement — to human rights of Saudi residents. While these improvements have been encouraging, much remains to be done. We hope MBS will, in time, get those things done.

In March 2012, Abdullah al-Zaher was 15 years old when he was shot and captured by Saudi Arabia’s security forces at an anti-government demonstration. Needless to say, the Saudi security forces answer to the Saudi royal family, the House of Saud, led by its King. Despite his bullet wound, the baby-faced kid — seen here: PHOTO — was reportedly beaten in prison with iron rods, in order to coerce a confession out of him, a “confession” that was later used to convict him. For demonstrating against the Saudi monarchy, associating with demonstrators, and chanting protest slogans, he was sentenced to DEATH in October 2014 by a “Specialized Criminal Court” in the Saudi capital, Riyadh.  As of this writing, al-Zaher is being held in solitary confinement at Asir prison, near the kingdom’s border with Yemen.

In Nov 2015, the Saudi government’s justice system sentenced Mohammed al-Shioukh, Ali al-Rebh, Dawood al-Marhoon, and Ali al-Nimr to death for protesting against the government — arrested in 2012, they were all under the age of 18 when imprisoned. According to credible reports, they were all subjected to excruciating torture and coerced into signing “confessions.” Mohammed al-Shioukh was executed New Year’s Day 2016 — here is his PHOTO.  Ali al-Rebh too was executed New Year’s Day 2016 — here is his PHOTO.  A picture of the juvenile Ali al-Nimr, who as of this writing is still condemned to execution, can be seen here: PHOTO.  An image of Dawood al-Marhoon, who as of this writing is still condemned to execution, can be seen here: PHOTO

A few months after ordering dozens of unwarranted executions, including those of the juveniles for protesting, the kingdom’s supreme leader got to meet the the Leader of the Free World and enjoy the double-handed handshake he’s come to cherish (and expect) from not only the President of the United States — in this case, Barack Obama —  but also lesser leaders of the free world as well, as can be seen in this PHOTO. (President Trump, we presume, will pay his own ‘respects’ in due course.)

In the same month of Nov 2015 that the juveniles were ordered to die by beheading or crucifixion, the royal Saudi courts sentenced a poet to death for renouncing Islam. Ashraf Fayadh was originally sentenced to 4 years in prison and 800 lashes in 2014, but that got upped on appeal to beheading in 2015. Did you get that? On appeal, a punishment of ripping flesh off the poet’s back back, got raised to tearing the poet’s head off his neck! A photo of Ashraf is here: PHOTO

Two months earlier, in Sep 2015, the Saudi King and his advisers visited Washington DC to meet with President Obama. The King and his entourage bought out the the entire Four Seasons in Georgetown, the most luxurious and most expensive hotel in our capital, but that was (apparently) not quite enough for His Royal Highness, for he had it redecorated in advance of his (and his entourage’s) arrival with tons of solid gold furniture. Here’s even a picture of the fleet of maybe a hundred or more Mercedes, there to take his crew from Joint Base Andrews to all that glitter: THE JOY RIDE PHOTO

And here’s another of our president and their king ENJOYING A LAUGH TOGETHER on that visit.

Also in Sep 2015, Saudi Arabia was elected head of the United Nations Human Rights Council that “selects top officials who shape international human rights standards and report on violations worldwide” according to UN Watch, a non-governmental watchdog based in Geneva, Switzerland. Here’s what UN Watch’s executive director, Hillel Neuer, had to say about the Saudis being put in charge of advocating human rights worldwide:

“Saudi Arabia has arguably the worst record in the world when it comes to religious freedom and women’s rights… It is scandalous that the UN chose a country that has beheaded more people this year than ISIS to be head of a key human rights panel.”

Mr. Neuer is being nice, especially about women’s rights. The Saudi rulers still condone the stoning to death of women, a barbarity that even cavemen, from times ice ages past, probably shied away from, in inflicting upon their women. As recently as Dec 8 2015, the Saudi government still had a poor 45 year old maid, a mother of two children and a citizen of the tiny Indian Ocean island of Sri Lanka, sentenced to die by stoning. For what? For adultery. Like those monarchs running the country don’t commit the equivalence of adultery all day — and all night — in the harems they keep and take-to-go with them, everywhere they go. By the way, as for the guy poor Sri Lankan woman committed adultery with … well, he got away with a sentence of 100 lashes, with no stones involved.

Barack Obama and his envoy to the U.N. (Samantha Power) could probably have blocked the Saudi appointment to head-up the Human Rights Council if they wanted to, but — no — the al-Saud royalty is far too important a (quote) “friend and ally” to the Obama Administration, as it was to the Bush Administration and Clinton Administration before, and will presumably be to the Trump Administration.

As to how close and intimate the relationship is, let’s now have a look at how our two most recent Presidents have captured their photo-ops with the previous king of Saudi Arabia…

President George W Bush: THE HOLD HANDS PHOTO

President Barack Obama: THE BOW DOWN PHOTO

With all that in mind, consider the following: Bob Graham was chairman of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee and co-chair of a joint congressional commission tasked with investigating the events leading up to Sep 11 2001. He and others have alleged that officials high up in the Saudi Arabian government were complicit in financing and organizing the 9/11 attacks, an allegation that has landed the former U.S. Senator from Florida, for one, on the NSA’s must-surveil list.

Click here if this is the first time you heard about those 28 Pages Redacted from the 9/11 Congressional Report that have not been declassified to this day, despite repeated pleas from 9/11 families to the Obama Administration and the President himself.

As for those who’ve implored Main Street Gov to produce a bill-request that asks for those 28 redacted pages to be declassified, our answer is the same one we put up here where we said:

False-flag-attack theory and all its forlorn variants are not something we’d like to get into on Main Street Gov for the simple reason that we do not want to overcrowd an already crowded plate. On that plate, rests our core conviction, embodied in the 23 bill-requests served around this one.

One of the letters to us was titled: “9/11 , The Connection To The Saudi Royal Family & That Family’s Connection To U.S. Actors Acting In An Official Capacity” — were we to sidetrack into something as cavernous as that, we’d risk failure on everything else.

While we have no say on the matter, if the Economic Party wants to take up your cause, after that Party wins the White House on Nov 3 2020, that’s their prerogative.

If it’s any consolation, it is our understanding the Economic Party does NOT believe that “sovereign immunity” or “diplomatic immunity” applies to any official, or any government, implicated in the commission of mass murder of U.S. citizens on U.S. soil.

What we are requesting is this:

Attention and care to who our Presidents bow to, hold hands with, and maybe even hop into bed alongside. After all, Mr. President or Madam President, you do represent the country, and the non-negotiable principle of “inalienable rights” it was founded on, every instant you are out and about on the global stage.

But what we are demanding is more resolute, is this:

That every high official of the United States government end all face-to-face contact with those who torture or murder innocent people, found guilty in kangaroo courts of something that’s in no way a crime but only an indiscretion.

If you feel as we do, then we ask that you vote in support of this Bill-Request.

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