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To keep the NSA’s peeping toms, prying eyes, out of our private lives, and to protect & defend all lawful political opponents.

Below, you’ll find the Reasoning & Rationale to what we call a Bill-Request. Once certain milestones are met, as defined HERE, lawyers will be called upon to draft what will then become a Bill-Demand to Congress and the President.

Published in 2015

Since the American citizenry can be mass-surveilled — and you don’t have to break any laws or shatter any peace to find yourself caught in some electronic trawl net — here’s to asking for the displacement of the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, or ICIG, that we got now, and for his replacement with a truly independent Special Inspector General for Surveillance Systems Compliance (or SIGSUR), one that embodies the dictum “Of the People, by the People, For the People” with extraordinary powers to protect the public and all lawful political opponents of the Establishment, and an unwavering duty to be held accountable by the public and all lawful political opponents of the Establishment. Because, as of this writing, the following is representative of what we got looking out for us, so far:

Mike Rogers, Chairman of the House Select Committee on Intelligence, per C-Span:

I would argue the fact that we haven’t had any complaints come forward, with any specificity, arguing that their privacy has been violated…

Stephen Vladeck, a professor of law: But who would be complaining?

Mike Rogers: Somebody whose privacy was violated. You can’t have your privacy violated, if you don’t know your privacy is violated.

Fascinatingly, Rogers’ logic is a bit like telling a woman that had her drink spiked so she could be date-raped, that she was in fact not raped, despite being raped, because she could not recall the actual event of being raped.

The ancient Greek philosopher Plato, student of Socrates and teacher of Aristotle, once issued: “The price of apathy towards public affairs, is to be ruled by evil men.” Rogers, it appears, prefers we the People be much more than just apathetic – it appears he’d rather have us so oblivious, that it is a country called Oblivion we live in.

Interestingly, the desire to have American citizens mesmerized, in a suspended state of stupor, is not just Rogers’ wishful thinking – for some time now, it reflects the mindset of the Establishment. If you’re wondering why leaders on the Senate and House Select Committees on Intelligence, tasked with oversight of the Intelligence community, on behalf of the citizenry, would dare allow this, simply “follow the money”.  Follow the money, and you’ll see that the bees at this pot of honey is growing like fleas on a festering wound.

So, here’s to having that SIGSUR in place, ASAP.

You’ve just read the short description to the Reasoning & Rationale for this Bill-Request. If that’s enough for you to vote in support of it, please do. If there’s more you’d like to have to make up your mind, then you’ll find the long description HERE.

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